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December 25, 2013, Category: Android, Games
Monster Warlord for PC – Free Download 4.85/5 (97.00%) 60 votes

Monster Warlord for PCMonster Warlord is a classic RPG and adventure game that puts players to develop the skills of a hero through an semi-static interface. In a first moment, a beautiful Assistant guides you through an interactive tutorial in which are explained the features of the game.

At the top of the screen, you can view the most important information of your hero, as the amount of “Gold” (gold), health (“Health”), energy (“Energy”) and the resistance (“Stamina”).

In turn, on the basis of the interface you will find the menu in which are displayed all the possibilities, such as “News” (News), “” Quests (quests), “Battles” (Battles), “Monsters” (Monsters) and “Shop” (the shop).

Our review of the Monster Warlord

If you enjoy RPG games that are based on shifts, Monster Warlord brings a universe full of possibilities, battles, monsters, heroes, and many adventures that won’t disappoint even the most demanding players.

The title of the consecrated GAMEVIL has a very beautiful and well-organized interface that groups the main features in two set menus which are positioned on the top and bottom of the screen. This allows gamers to explore all the possibilities without having to scroll the interface constantly.

Simple visuals follow the pattern of most games in the genre, since all the drawings cartoonish feature few movements and vivid colors. And the few sounds available makes the environment a bit drab, was missing a soundtrack.

Despite the technical problems, which are actually features usually found in titles of the genre, Monster Warlord surprises for the large amount of monsters, quests and possibilities of online interaction.


  • Well-planned Interface
  • Many quests and monsters


  • Weak sound set

Download: Monster Warlord for PC

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